Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bluray wishlist/guide to 90s teen movies

Without giving away my age too much, back in the 90s I was a high school student and so these films really take me back to that time, the good and the bad. The fashion, the gadgets (old school mobiles), the music! Some were horror, some was about teenage witches! The 90s just seemed to have so many great ones, to rival even the great John Hughes teen movies of the 80s!
Here is a selection of the movies I want to get on bluray!

Clueless 1995

Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Brittany Murphy, Breckin Meyer

In my opinion Clueless is the best teen comedy of the 90s, and one of the best ever!

The craft 1996

Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney, Christine Taylor, Breckin Meyer, Skeet Ulrich

Cruel Intentions 1999

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillipe, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Joshua Jackson 

Never been kissed 1999

Drew Barrymore, David Arquette, Jessica Alba, Marley Shelton, Molly Shannon, John C Reilly

Empire records 1995

Liv Tyler, Robin Tunney, Renee Zellweger, Rory Cochrane

Reality bites 1994

Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo,  Steve Zahn

I realise this is not technically 'teen', but I loved it as a teenager and I think it speaks to older teens who are leaving school/college and going into the 'real world' and in between being a teenager and a 'grown up'.

10 things I hate about you 1999

Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Larisa Oleynik (Alex Mack)
Shes all that 1999

Freddie Prinze Jr., Rachael Leigh Cook, Matthew Lillard, Paul Walker, Anna Paquin, Keiran Culkin, Usher, Lil' Kim, Clea Duvall

Election 1999

Reese Witherspoon, Matthew Broderick, Chris Klein

So I just realised that most of these were released in 1999, not sure if that means I enjoyed them more this year or that most of the best ones were out in 1999.

Some others that I like too but not sure if I will get on bluray -
  • Urban Legends 1998 - Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, Joshua Jackson, Tara Reid

  • Dazed and confused 1993 (I already have a really awesome criterion dvd copy so not sure on getting the bluray too) - Matthew McConaughey, Milla Jovovich, Jason London, Rory Cochrane, Adam Goldberg, Ben Affleck

  • American Pie 1999 - Tara Reid, Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Alyson Hannigan, Seann William Scott, Eugene Levy, Mena Suvari, Natasha Lyonne

  • Drop dead gorgeous 1999 - Kirstin Dunst, Denise Richards, Brittany Murphy, Amy Adams

  • Jawbreaker 1999 - Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz (Pre-dexter), Tatyana Ali

  • Scream 1996 - Drew Barrymore, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Rose McGowan, Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, Jamie Kennedy

  • Scream 2  - Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Joshua Jackson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Heather Graham, Liev Schreiber, Timothy Olyphant, Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Gayheart, Portia Di Rossi, Jamie Kennedy

  • The faculty 1998 - Josh Hartnett, Clea Duvall, Jordana Brewster, Salma Hayek, Famke Janssen, Usher, Elijah Wood

  • I know what you did last summer 1997 - Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillipe, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Johnny Galecki, Anne Heche
  • Fear 1996 - Reese Witherspoon, Mark Wahlberg ( He is really terrifying in this film)

  • Don't tell mom the babysitters dead 1990 - Christina Applegate 

Are there any that I may have missed? I just want to re-watch all of these movies all over again now!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Prometheus Review June 2012

So I finally saw Prometheus yesterday afternoon!

First I want to get this out of the way - why are we now being shown entire scenes from movies aswell as the trailers while at the cinema? It totally spoils the film for some people. Before the movie started, not only did we have to sit through about 10 commercials, and the trailers (I actually enjoy the trailers), but we had to watch 2 spiderman trailers and a whole scene from spiderman. I understand some people like watching that much before they see a movie, and thats's fine, you can watch them online at home. But at the cinema I am pretty sure the majority of people would not enjoy sitting through that much footage of a film.

Anyway, onto the movie. I cannot see why it has had so much negative critisism. The film is brilliant, it is not perfect - but is 4/5 star film - it is certainly one of the best that has been released this year and I absolutly loved it from the begining to end.

The sets, visuals etc are absolutly fantastic, even down to the costume design with the spacesuit designs, they are brilliant and totally original without seeming over the top or over stylised.

When it comes to the acting, all the actors were great, but stand outs would be Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron. Fassbender is just awesome, no matter what film he is in, he is just always totally immersed in his charactor but always in a realistic and natural way. His charactor is David, an android and he plays him as Davids favourite actor, Peter O'Toole. As everyone on board sleeps David spends his time on the ship walking around, playing basketball and watching Laurence of Arabia over and over (who knows how many times he has seen it, possibly hundreds). So its almost as if Fassbender is playing a charactor, playing a charactor.

He steals the show here, but Theron is also brilliant as the cold representative from Weyland Corp. She plays a great villain, but you can also get an understanding from her, for why she is, the way she is and at some points she has to do what she needs to.

The others were good too, I liked Noomi Rapace as the lead, shes a softer version of Ripley I would say. She is tough but only when she needs to be, she doesnt have an icy exterior at all times, she is almost child like in the way she is naive about other people and their motives and with her expectations but then as she realises that not all is what she expects she shows her tough side too!

Overall the story is great, if you know your history you will notice they have taken myths of what some people believe about the old civilisations and 'ancient aliens' and used that here to tell this story but in a really clever and intellegent way, they don't make the possibility of this belief some people have, laughable or silly. It really makes you think about, where we have come from and what really is out there. Whether that be good or bad, we will always wonder why we are here, what makes us so special that we can build technology, make films and music, write books, create space stations and if it is purely coincedence or were we 'engineered'?

The space jockeys (the engineers) are also very well done, I thought they were quite scary and there is a few scenes where you see them running and they reminded me of the way the predator moves, which is strange as we all know the terrible movies that were released 10 years ago were Alien vs Predator. Anyway, they really do try to explain the space jockey story here, but you can see there is room to tell more of their story in possible future films, but what they have done is show us how their story connects to the original Alien film and I personally found it a satisfying explanation. I know alot of people are still wondering if this is a prequel or not. I really think its pretty obvious that it IS a prequel.

I would definatley recommend going to see Prometheus, I avoided reading other reviews before going so I had a fresh point of view and so I would say other than the fact you have probably just read my review this is what you should do too. I havent put any spoilers in here (I could say much more), because I hate it when people do that so I hope you enjoy it too.

Have you seen it already? What do you think?

Thanks for reading