Friday, 18 January 2013

New blurays Jan 2013

Here are some blurays I have bought over the last few months, I have also got Paranorman and V/H/S/ on pre-order I really cannot wait to watch them again and see any special features they have!

Tarantino XX 20 year collection boxset

Really looking forward to this coming, I just ordered it today! I already have the Pulp Fiction steelbook and the Resevoir Dogs petrol can steel tin blurays but I was happy to double dip on them to get this awesome set!

The Lord Of The Rings extended edition boxset

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This is one of my all time favourite comedy movies! I could watch this over and over and still laugh so hard at some off the stuff that happens in this film! Also has anyone else noticed that Steve Martin never seems to age?

Moonrise Kingdom

Fantastic Mr Fox

I bought the only 2 blurays available off movies made by Wes Anderson, I really want all the others but or some reason they just havent been released here yet. I have most of his films on DVD and two were double dipped on Criterion too, just becasue I love the artwork. But I just really feel like I am missing out on seeing bluray versions of some of my favourite movies. So I only bought Moonrise Kingdom and Fantastic Mr Fox. I noticed this is the same with Pedro Almadovar movies and Lars Von Trier. Last year I bought the only blurays available for them (2 each) and since then no others have beenn released. Hopefully they will soon!

Blue Valentine

The Five year engagement

Puss In Boots


Xmen: First Class

Blue Velvet

To add to my David Lynch collection I am building.

Kill List

Dark Shadows

To add to my Tim Burton collection.


My favourite David Fincher movie.

The Prestige


We need to talk about Kevin

Oldboy steelbook

The evil dead steelbook

So thats most of the blurays I bought recently, but when I say recently I mean over the last 3 months or so, so it isnt me being as greedy as it may seem as I know I have bought quite a lot looking at this list. I am hoping in the next few months to finally buy the Hitchcock collection on bluray as I already own 2 DVD boxsets, and the Starwars collection boxset which I was hoping would have gone down alot more by now but its still quite expensive.

Anway thanks for reading =] 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Films for 2013

These are some films I am looking forward to the most that are being released in 2013, there are quite a few horror movies im not too sure if that just means I am looking forward to these most becasue I love horror or if its actually because we have a good year of horror coming up - maybe more so than recent years. I dont usually care for remakes but it seems that this year there will be quite a few and some listed below look like they will be worth seeing.

The Great Gatsby

Gatsby looks like it is going to be the most stylish movie of the year.
Evil Dead

The evil dead trilogy are some of my favourite horror movies ever and so I was not happy when I heard this was being made. However I then realised that it is being produced by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell and they have had overall say in how this was made, so I am now happy =] and I really cannot wait to see this, I watched the trailer 3 or 4 times in a row when it was first circling the internet and I am actually so glad that they have done this before someone else did.

Man of Steel

American Mary

The place beyond the pines


Park Chan-Wooks first english speaking movie about a fucked up family - looks interesting and I love the gothic posters. 


A remake of one of my another one of my all time favourite horror movies. It better be good otherwise I will be really disapointed.


Another vampire movie from Neil Jordan who did Interview with a Vampire.

The Conjuring

From the people who made Insidious, so obviously I cannot wait to be terrified by this as I loved Insidious.

Other movies that look interesting:

I give it a year
The Counselor
The Wolf Of Wall Street
Side by Side