Sunday, 22 April 2012

Reviews of films I have seen recently

Paranormal activity 3
Although this is not as good as the original movie, and the movies have now lost what made the original truly scary, I still think this 3rd instalment is a lot better than the second movie.
The main criticism I had was that there were too many almost moments of terror. The scares were really scary, but proceeding them were too many times when you thought there was going to be a scare, but then failed to give anything.
One of the best parts of the movie I would say, was when the step dad and his filming buddy decide to take apart a fan and use it to stick a home camcorder to, so that the camera can rotate back and fore all by itself. Also need to point out this movie is set in 1988, and so this made what they came up with what would have been inventive at the time for home movie making. And also helped to give a new perspective for the viewer of the movie too.
I thought all the acting was really good, and was impressed with the little girls playing the younger versions of the women in the first 2 movies. I noticed a lot of other movies are homaged in this one too, poltergeist is the most obvious one - there is even a scene where the mum and dad are smoking a spliff in their bedroom after the kids have been put to bed, which is also a scene in Poltergeist. Also back to the future is mentioned, the Blair witch project is also homaged during the end (not sure if this was intentional) and also I could see a bit of Rosemary's baby there too. All in all it was definitely an improvement on paranormal activity 2, but the magic has been lost from the first movie. Still worth a watch if you like your horror/ghost story movies.

Fright Night

I should of saw this at Empire's movie con back in August 2011 as part of my weekend ticket at the 02 Arena. It was the premiere with David Tennant and instead I decided that as it was the end of the weekend I would just leave early before all the crowds and felt that I really didn't think I would enjoy this film. I was SO wrong! I wish I had stayed as I have now seen this movie and I really enjoyed it!!!!
I thought Colin Farrell played a really mean and believable villain as the vampire Jerry, Anton Yelchin was a good lead character as he wasn't a pretty boy but not too geeky, a bit of both and likable. Toni Collette could of done with some extra screen time, David Tennant was awesome and I was happy to see him play a different character to what we are all used to....and finally my favourite character was Ed played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, he is just so funny in everything hes been in and plays an awesome character here. The only character I wasn't fussed on was Amy played by Imogen Poots, it seems when it comes to these characters in movies where the geek gets the girl (transformers, disturbia) the casting usually goes to a girl who is pretty but has no substance. Where are the Natalie Portmans and Keira knightleys? However I did think she was OK and at least she can act.
 I loved the vampire effects, very 30 days of night and very scary!!!! And these days with so many movies being made about Vampires ( I won't name them but I am sure you all know the main culprits) it is good to see a truly terrifying scary Vamp!
I also loved the end credits which also seemed to homage 30 days of night!!! I would definitely watch this again, and would definitely suggest to anyone who likes horror-comedy, vampire movies or even just comedies in general to check this one out!


  1. great reviews :)
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  2. Nice movie reviews !

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  3. i love the paranormal movies!! agree with you that the last one wasnt as good as the first! :)