Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bluray haul

Recently I hadnt had chance to get many blurays at all but I finally got paid (after a 5 week wait this month!) and decided to treat myself.
Here are all my most recent purchases:

The Woman in black


The Dark Knight
Jurassic Park

Taxi Driver

This version of the Taxi Driver Bluray goes with my copy of Stand By me with the gold writing etc and I thought the quality on the stand by me bluray was amazing so I hope this will be the same. Also I noticed these ones are numbered so I think I am going to try to collect all of them.

Harry Potter box set collection

I have only ever seen the first two Harry Potter movies and was never really a fan, but recently I really wanted to watch all of the films and so I opted for this boxset as it is really cheap. There is a really nice set available which I do really like, but I thought as I hadnt always been much of a fan I shouldnt really splurge that much.

One Day


The Innkeepers

I actually really liked The Innkeepers and was quite surprised as its not a very well heard of film and I hadnt really heard much about it. It was just brilliant with the suspense and the build up which alot of horror movies dont do these days.

I will do an update soon after watching all the Harry Potter films on what I thought of them all.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Stanley Kubrick

I absolutly love Kubrick, my favourite director of all time is Hitchcock but Kubrick comes a close second! I always loved the shining, a clockwork orange and Lolita but recently I really started loving Eyes wide shut and its now one of my favourite movies. I dont know why but previously I just saw the film as a Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman film and didnt look beneath the surface and just put it to one side I suppose and then I watched it a few months ago and really watched the film for how it really is and the hidden aspects of it. I am aware that this apparently is not the version Kubick wanted released and apparently this was re-edited after his death before it was released into cinemas, so I would obviously love to have seen that. However what is left here is still remnents of what Kubrick wanted to say and show us and I really think its a masterpiece.

Its such a shame that he left us when he did as there could of been so much more that he would have given us. Ever single movie he made is to high standard, most Sci-fi movies still to this day look to 2001 for inspiration, even non-sci-fi, Enter the void was heavily inspired, visually by 2001.