Sunday, 8 July 2012

Stanley Kubrick

I absolutly love Kubrick, my favourite director of all time is Hitchcock but Kubrick comes a close second! I always loved the shining, a clockwork orange and Lolita but recently I really started loving Eyes wide shut and its now one of my favourite movies. I dont know why but previously I just saw the film as a Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman film and didnt look beneath the surface and just put it to one side I suppose and then I watched it a few months ago and really watched the film for how it really is and the hidden aspects of it. I am aware that this apparently is not the version Kubick wanted released and apparently this was re-edited after his death before it was released into cinemas, so I would obviously love to have seen that. However what is left here is still remnents of what Kubrick wanted to say and show us and I really think its a masterpiece.

Its such a shame that he left us when he did as there could of been so much more that he would have given us. Ever single movie he made is to high standard, most Sci-fi movies still to this day look to 2001 for inspiration, even non-sci-fi, Enter the void was heavily inspired, visually by 2001.

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  1. He's one of my favorite directors, too. I haven't seen Eyes Wide Shut though. My favorite film from him is A Clockwork Orange, just a very very impressive piece of art.