Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Movies I am looking forward to in June

I know we are already in May and alot of must see movies have already been released, such as The Hunger Games and The Avengers, but I thought I would share with you the films that have yet to be released that I am looking forward to the most that both happen to be released next month -

I am looking forward to this the most out of all the movies released. I just think it is going to be a very special film and I am a huge fan of the Alien movies, even the 3rd and 4th. I also love Ridley Scott and its so exciting to see a new sci-fi movie by him as he has only ever done Alien and Blade Runner.

I read an interview with him recently in which he said how he was surprised the other film makers who did the other 3 Alien movies didnt pick up on hints he had put in Alien such as the space jockey and so thats going to be put into the prometheus storyline.

Another reason why I am excited about it, is the cast! Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron are three of the most exciting actors around at the moment and so it just adds to the excitement, it just feels like its going to be the movie of the year for me.

The Dark Knight Rises

This is another obvious one, but I cant see how anyone could not be excited about this. I am unsure as to whether is will be better than the Dark Knight as I dont really think that it is possible but I will be happy if it is just as good.

If there is anyone reading who doesnt know (there might be some out there) this is the 3rd and last installment of the Chris Nolan Batman movies. The first was Batman Begins, the second was The Dark Knight and this is the last.

All the trailers, especially the most recent one have blown me away and I just know its going to be super impressive.

This time the villains are Bane, played by the brilliant Tom Hardy and Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway which I think is going to bring alot more tension having both of these famous charactors in the movie together.

It also stars Marion Cottilard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and of course Christian Bale playing Batman for the thrid time.


  1. I also cannot wait for both of these to be released! I love Alien so am really hoping Prometheus lives up to all the hype. Same goes for Batman really, although I have to say , I am completely gutted that it's the last one, even though I know it's better for it to end on a high! Aah, conflicting emotions! :-)

  2. I'm so excited for batman! Counting down the days!

  3. I'm incredibly pumped for both films. I refuse to watch any trailers for both or read any reviews so I can go into them with a fresh perspective.

  4. I am gutted its the last one too, but as said at least it ends with all three movies being made incredibly well!

    I wish I could stop myself from reading reviews/interviews for these films but I cant restrain myself! hehe.


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  6. I will follow your blog....


  7. Great choices, Prometheus is set to be INCREDIBLE! Love your blog my dear, defs following! x

  8. SO excited for Prometheus, kinda expected it to be more based on the Promethean legend but oh well!
    I love your blog,! <3