Thursday, 18 October 2012

New blurays

Young Adult

I really loved this movie, I havent seen Up in the air yet and although I do like Juno the script written by Diablo Cody really irritates me at times and seemed just too over the top. But Young Adult is just brilliantly written and I just thought it was a really well made film. I would describe it as a black comedy, rather than an all out comedy. Charlize Theron is awesome in the main role of a woman who refuses to grow up and is still more interested in partying and shopping than settling down and having children. This is what everyone else her age is doing when she goes back to her hometown, to get her ex back. She is surprised to find he is happily married with kids and she tries her best to steal him back.
Batman Begins

I now have batman begins and The dark knight, so now I am just waiting for The dark knight rises to be released.

The Avengers

Twin peaks: Fire Walk with me

Im starting to collect all of the David Lynch movies on bluray - to start with I have bought the films that I havent already watched before. So I got Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me and Lost highway to begin with and next I want to get Eraserhead and Dune.

Lost Highway

Shutter Island

I absolutly love Shutter Island I have watched it probably about 6 times now and I never get bored of it even though I know the twists. I just love everthing about it.

Now I want to rant a bit about HMV. I pre-ordered the steelbook of Cabin in the woods. Most people who bought the film on bluray will know that the discs had manufaturing faults on them and that they were taken off the shelves until new discs were made. So other people who also pre-ordered the steelbook got their steelbook in the post and then had to wait for new replacement discs to be sent to them. I had my email confirmation that my steelbook was 'on its way' and on the same day I had another email which told me about the manufacturing problem and how they would send my discs out to me. Two weeks went passed and I still hadnt recieved anything, I called them and apparently they couldnt tell me where my steelbook was but because it was sold out they could not send me a replacement. I asked what I was to do with the replacement disc as I have no case to keep it in, they had no answer for me. I asked if they could send me a normal bluray case of Cabin in the woods to replace the lost steelbook so I at least had something, they refused and instead refunded me. Now I have my money back and a bluray disc of cabin in the woods which to most people would sound good, however as a steelbook and bluray collector I just find it really can HMV lose my steelbook? This is the second time they have messed up. Back in January thy couldnt take payment for the Drive Steelbook as I had a new replacement card sent out to me, so the same day I called and gave my new card detail only to be told that they had now given my pre-ordered steelbook to someone else!!!???!!! They are so lame. So from now on I am going to try and stay away from them, the only thing is they do special edition steelbooks so if its a film I really want I am going to have to just keep my fingers crossed that they dont mess up again!


  1. Young Adult looks really good; Charlize is one of my fave actresses.


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