Saturday, 18 August 2012

New Blurays

The House Of The Devil

This is one of the best horror movies I have seen in a long time. Made by Ti West who also did The Innkeepers it is filmed like a 70s or 80s horror movie and has lots of retro elements to it. It has a brilliant story and is really suspenceful all the way though to the very end.

My week with Marilyn

I loved My week with Marilyn and I thought I wouldnt - but I am glad that I did, I love anything to do with Monroe and I am like alot of people very intrigued by her real life and troubles. I thought Michelle Williams was brilliant and it must have been really hard to pull this off. I had to get it on Bluray.


  1. I love a good horror movie, so I need to see "The House of the Devil"... I'm also a huge fan of Marilyn, so that's also a "must-see" for me.

    You got a really good blog btw :)

  2. If you watch the house of the devil and like it, you should watch the innkeepers and V/H/S they are both just as good! There are some awesome new horror film makers around right now!

    Thanks lovely =] Im glad you like it!

  3. These sounded good, I don't know though, I'm pretty picky about what I watch in the movies. As for the dark knight below...argg I still haven't seen it!

  4. I like movies with Michelle Williams, she's a great actress:-)

    I'm follow your blog!



  5. My week with Marilyn sounds like its really good! Cant wait to see it:)

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  7. what an awesome post :)
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