Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Dark Knight Rises review

I knew I would love The Dark Knight Rises, I finally got to see it last weekend and had time to reflect on how I feel about it.

In comparison to the other two films I think it stands out well on its own as a great action, blockbuster movie. It has the epic feel that The Dark Knight had and the other Nolan blockbuster Inception, in fact it felt very much like Inception for me with all the different layers, the big cast and the twists. When asked which out of the three was my favourite I have said The Dark Knight, but actually I just think the Dark Knight is the best film. But I think long term for re-watchability, maybe The Dark Knight Rises may become my favourite. I loved The Dark Knight when I went to see it for the first time, I even had preview screening tickets and it blew me away, but after that I found that when I re-watched it I loved all the scenes with the Joker and that begining bank robbery, but it kind of drags at some other points but it is still up there as one of the best films I have ever seen. I feel that with this movie perhaps it has more to it that would keep me inthralled all the way through the second and third time I watch it, we shall have to see.

In this final movie we have Bruce Wayne 8 years later, now a broken man who doesnt want to do anything, leave wayne manor or interact with anyone other than Alfred. But unknown to him there is a plot brewing under the streets of gotham city by a known terrorist called Bane.

Banes introduction at the start of the movie is absolutly stunning I could not believe what I was seeing it was just amazing! What a way to bring in a new charactor to a trilogy. It was just genius and I love this charactor, even though he is scary, intimidating, (so much so, that he has people willing to die for him rather than speak to the police which is totally opposite to the Joker who had no allies or friends, no one willing to do anything for him he had to coerce people to work for him), and the biggest villain Batman has faced, I still enjoyed watching him, I liked seeing him be bad.

Cat womans introduction wasnt great, it was ok, but a little cheesey. However I did love her charactor from afte that point - I didnt really understand who Juno Temple was meant to be though, was she her sister? or a girl she had taken in? They didnt really make that very clear. I loved her acrobatics and the way she actually did move about quite cat like but not in an obvious way.
Anne Hathaway played her very well and I cannot really think of anyone else now who would have played her better, she was a bad girl with heart and again she made me feel that even when she was being bad I was still enjoying watching her.
I also really enjoyed the slow build on the relationship between Selina Kyle (catwoman) and Bruce Wayne, and the seperate elationship of their alter egos which then blend into the same thing once they both realise who they are. They have a connection but they just dont want to admit to it, Bruce would rather go for Miranda the woman who seems to have ethics and wants to do good, and seems to back away from his obvious connection with Selina as she isnt his 'type' she doesnt want to help others or do good (or so it seems) but he cannot escape her and keeps coming back for more.
I loved all the fight scenes and I even got a bit upset at one particular fight between Batman and Bane. It was like the ultimate fight between two heavy weights and you wanted to shout at the screen for Batman in support of him because of how impressivly hard and big Bane is. It was choreographed really well and infact alot of the big fight scenes I am assuming would of had to have been choreographed by an amazing person or team because they just seemed perfectly done. Such as the big riot scene between the hoodlums and the police that was amazing to watch.
I honestly could go on about this all day there is just so much, Liam Neeson and the under ground prison, Alfred and Bruces emotional relationship, the controversial ending which I wont spoil, the whole spiritual rising of Batman himself, the unfolding of the truth about Harvey Dent, the introduction of Joseph Gordon-Levitts charactor Blake, we have also been following Commisioner Gordon over the three movies and it was good to see a good conclusion for him in the end too.

All in all I thought it was absolutly brilliant and the highlight of my year so far I didnt think it was going to beat Prometheus as the best film of the year for me but it has. So far... The Hobbit will be the next big one I am looking forward to so we shall have to see.

The Dark Knight Rises is definatley a 10 out of 10 movie for me. And I would recommend it to anyone who loves movies.


  1. The Dark Knight Rises is easily my favourite film this year, which is funny because although I enjoyed the previous ones, I never really gave them that much second thought. I definitely agree with you about the 'rewatchability' and as soon as I left the cinema, all I wanted to do was watch it all over again. I love you blog, and I think this is a great review. :)

  2. Aww thanks I'm glad you enjoyed reading it =]

    I am really looking forward to getting it on bluray just to watch it all again too!

  3. With a couple of surprising plot twists, and several crowd-pleasing nods to his previous Batman films, Nolan delivers a near-perfect farewell that tops off one of the best trilogies in some recent time, especially for the superhero genre. Great review Nicole.

  4. Hi, thanks for reading =]

    I totally agree it really is one of the best trilogies ever !!

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    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Thursday Hun xoxo

  6. I loved Batman sooo much, I was on the edge of my seat all the way through. great review, love your style of writing :D


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